Chicken and Pizza it’s an Italian restaurant in London, switching from the old and traditional brand into a modern vision. They wanted to look organic orientated, highlighting the takeaway services, without losing the class and the elegance.
Metaka Art studio creates a fresh new design look for C&P. We kept the Italian style integrating the British foods menu in a modern and smooth way. The new brand contains a very strong message,
the design elements are practically applicable to any media, shape, or platform, which helps the consistency of the brand to stay solid.

The Store’s existing building design was unique, so we used it to integrate it into the branding design. The “Chicken and Pizza” wanted to maintain the interior and the exterior, but also were mindful of the budget, which did not cover major renovations. So we had to look for cost-effective solutions for the existing interior and exterior. Metaka art Studio prepared schematic drawings to show how the exterior identity elements could be coordinated with interior graphics and the signage.