We are proud to present Timeless, A Story of Dreams. Created with the kind support of Tonka Raycheva Graphics on the eponymous novella by El Caballero De La Sombras. Our participation in the project focused on making and implementing the concepts of illustrations (chapter illustrations, book illustrations and covers), storylines, and editing/special effects on the promo videos. Our team has created more than 200 concepts in sketches and descriptions, of which 138 came to life.

After almost a year of hard work and planning, we finalize our actual products. The textbook where beautiful styliсed illustrations pop in at the beginning of each chapter or hidden between the pages all in the theme of Timeless. The graphic book with full-page artworks following the journey of Timeless. The unique fact behind this is, every painting follows the story in the book but can still be observed as a stand-alone illustration. The definitive book was divided into four primary colour harmonies Influenced by the emotions in the story – Blue-blues, Yellow-Agony, Black and white-Nightmare and The colourful is dreams.

Blue – The sadness and loneliness

Yellow – The sadness and loneliness

Black and white – The melancholy and the nightmares

Colours  – Dreams and fantasies